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The 13rd Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference
Time:May 29,2021     Source: China Intermational Freight Forwarding Association      Browse:2

China International Freight Forwarders Association being one of the organizers paid a return visit to the participating enterprises after the Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference being held successfully in Shanghai and received very strong positive respond from the participating enterprises.


Cao Yang, Deputy Secretary-General of Fujian International Freight Forwarder Association, who led a delegation consisting of 11 Fujian freight forwarding enterprises attending the Conference in Shanghai, told CIFA during the return visit that Fujian province was hit badly by a typhoon during the Conference and many freight forwarders and logistics enterprises had to organize manpower and material resources for self-rescue. However, even under such circumstances, the freight forwarder enterprises in Fujian did not give up their participation and still sent their delegates attending the conference. This fully proved that the conference held by China International Freight Forwarders Association was very attractive to freight forwarding enterprises. After the conference, many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have gained more confidence to "go global" and have a clearer plan for their “networking” in the world. After knew about China's "One Belt and One Road" policy, foreign enterprises were very optimistic about Fujian province due to that it is based at the forefront of the "Maritime Silk Road". Following the participation of enterprises in the conference, they felt gaining much on good policy dividends and found many valuable business opportunities.


Although this was the first time for Fujian’s Freight Forwarders Association organizing a delegation to attend the conference, the enterprises still felt that it was “ not quite enough” due to they have more desires to be achieved and therefore would be ready to continue to participate in the conference and other events to be held by China International Freight Forwarders Association in the near future. 


It was not the first time for the freight forwarder enterprises from Zhejiang Province participating in the Conference. Mr. Xu Linjun, President of Zhejiang International Freight Forwarders Association, who led a delegation with more than 10 freight forwarders and logistics enterprises from Zhejiang province attending the conference, gave a very positive evaluation on the well-organized the conference and all the results achieved In the return visit.  He said that the one-on-one format of the meetings were very practical, and the meeting process was arranged in a scientific way, so that enterprises could really expand their business in the market and seek new customers according to their needs.  All the trade terms and cooperation details could got confirmed and finalized on the site, which saved valuable time and created business opportunities for the participating enterprises. Thanks to CIFA’s invitation, the freight forwarders and the industry-related enterprises from home and abroad attended the Conference. It was really not easy to arrange such big amount of enterprises to have "seamless" connections in such good order and without any disorder  


The representatives of China exhibition company, who had participated in the conference for 13 consecutive years said that they had very deep impression by participating in the conference such as "harmony without uniformity", "harmony is the most valuable", "learn from each other's strengths" and "promote mutual benefit" and has fresh feeling each time. Following their participation in the conferences one after another, the business of their company got increased more and more.  


The 13th session of the Conference came to an end, but many enterprises who were paid by return visit reported that they had been deepening their cooperation with the new customers they met in the conference through communications by e-mails and phone calls. The positive influence and effect of the 13th Session of the Conference are still blossoming.


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