The 8th Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference_中国国际货运代理协会
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The 8th Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference
Time:May 29,2021     Source: China Intermational Freight Forwarding Association      Browse:5

The 8th Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference, co-organized by China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) and World Cargo Alliance (WCA), opened in Shanghai Pudong Exhibition Hall. on September 27th, 2011.  This conference was the first time being held in Shanghai after the previous three consecutive sessions being held in Hong Kong, giving the participants a fresh feeling and new experiences .  The Conference attracted more than 1,600 delegates of the freight logistics industry coming from 75 countries and regions. 


At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhao Huxiang, President of China International Freight Forwarding Association, Mr. David Yokeum, President of WCA, delivered warm speeches. Mr. Lu Jijian, Deputy Inspector of Trade in Service Trade and commercial Service Department of Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Sun Jiarong, Director of International Service Trade Department of Shanghai Commission of Commerce and other guests attended and delivered speeches.  Ms. Rosa Puig, the representative of Barcelona Port being the main sponsor, introduced the situation of Barcelona Port, and Mr. Wang Cheng, the general manager of Shanghai Branch of Zhongcheng International Transportation Co., Ltd., made a speech as representative for all the participating enterprises.


During the three-day Conference, participants had made new friends, discussed business cooperation, found business opportunities, and exchanged advanced technologies and new business models through the conference platform.  The conference was expected providing more than 25,000 face-to-face negotiation opportunities through one-on-one meetings.  Participants were widely believed that the conference 's greatest value lies in matchmaking them with the first-class quality global partners thru such platform, such one-on-one style meeting format  has been proved to be best way of connections among freight forwarders with individualized vigor and full vitality. This Conference has become the largest, most valuable and influential event in the global freight forwarding industry.


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