The 14th Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference_中国国际货运代理协会
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The 14th Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference
Time:May 29,2021     Source: China Intermational Freight Forwarding Association      Browse:1

With the theme of enhancement of exchange, cooperation and win-win as well as the feature of "one-on-one negotiation", the 14th Session of the Conference was opened in Shanghai Transnational Procurement Convention and Exhibition Center on November 14, 2017 when the autumn rain had a break and the weather turned just fine.  The conference was jointly hosted by China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) and World Cargo Alliance (WCA). There were over 1000 registered delegates from more than 100 countries and regions attended the Conference including about 500 delegates from overseas.


At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhao Huxiang, President of China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA), delivered a speech with theme of "Open for win-win and be innovative on cooperation". He said the 19th CPC Congress, which concluded last month, drew a blueprint for the "Chinese Dream" of building China into a modern powerful nation in the new era and put forward a series of policy programs for China to build a modern economy in the future. China would firmly adhere to its basic state policy of opening up, follow the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, make solid progress in construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, and strive to build a community with a shared future for mankind. He pointed out that in recent years, thanks to the optimization of foreign trade and business environment of enterprises, China's freight forwarding and logistics industry has been developing rapidly, but the rapid development of e-commerce market and the high integration of logistics and e-commerce have not only impacted the industry, but also endowed the industry with new opportunities for transformation. To this end, he put forward three suggestions to freight forwarding and logistics enterprises: firstly, to adapt to the requirements of industry reform in the Internet era, and realize the development from quantitative expansion to quality and innovation; Secondly, to strengthen cross-border integration, realize the combination of online and offline, and vigorously develop intelligent, effective, flexible and environmentally friendly and smart logistics; Thirdly, to accelerate industry integration, reallocate core resources and improve service efficiency. 


The Conference has been held for 13 consecutive years, with a total of 16,000 delegates from more than 200 countries and regions attended.  Its success is attributed to its unique value of the platform, which brings together the business information of the global freight forwarding and logistics industry and the personalized demands of enterprises, making the platform to become a bridge for cooperation alliance and interactive development among the global industry. 


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