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This event organizer will design at least 50 standard booths in the venue at the size of 3m*3m


Preferential booth price:

Members fee: 492USD/booth.

Members including: CIFA, China Local Freight forwarders associations, Top100+ enterprises and oversea association which has signed MoU with CIFA.


No-members: 923USD/ booth.

Booth equipment: every standard booth will be decorated by basic equipment.


Regarding to booth design works: Exhibitor can design by themselves or provide the material  CIFA will arrange to design and print it out.


Booth location and decoration will be arranged by organizer according to the payment time order. Details of the booth are notified at any time in accordance with the government subsidy regulations. According to the Lianyungang government subsidy application process, the exhibitors must fill in the exhibition information registration form  and send it to the corresponding contact personnel. Thanks for the cooperation.


Cancellation Date

Cancellation Charge

Up to and including 
9th   (Monday )of August. 2021

No charge. Full refund   provided

9th   (Monday )of August. 2021

Charged 50of the total booth package   price

The deadline time:

We suggest you book a booth before 5 pm. (Beijing time) 9th   (Monday )of August. 2021 and later than this time will not to arrange a booth for you.

The booth design works should be provided no late than 5pm.(Beijing time) 31of July.

 *Artwork received after this date may not be printed in time for the event.

Booth design works requirements:

1) Company logo, requirements: JPG format within 2M;

2) Booth display board pictures: provide no more than six pictures, in JPG,PNG format, resolution of 300bdi.

The above required pictures please check carefully and send to following mail address; 



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