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Conference participation guide

Conference information: to browse the conference schedule, attendance services, booths/sponsorships on the website to learn about the relevant conference information. 


Participation procedure: to register on enterprise information -> to complete enterprise information -> to choose relevant services -> to register delegates -> to pay/require invoice. 


Participation registration: to click "Registration" in the menu bar or the quick entry "I want to attend" on the right side to enter the enterprise information registration page.  If you have registered the enterprise information, you can directly click the login system. 


Invoice issuance: 

This conference can issue electronic invoice, VAT general invoice or VAT special invoice; it would take relatively long and expected about one month to have the hardcopy/paper invoice to be issued, therefore, the electronic invoices are recommended. 


The invoices can be issued with following itemized contents(Just for Chinese Delegates): 


-Participants for the Conference including online. offline or as spectator):conference fee

-Exhibition stand:  booth fee; 

-Advertisement:  advertising expenses; 

-Sponsorship (all kinds of sponsorships) fee:  conference fee or to be disassembled with the above-mentioned invoices; 

All items can be combined and invoiced as conference fee. 


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