Nippon Express (China) Co. Ltd. has registered the event as sponsorship_中国国际货运代理协会
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Nippon Express (China) Co. Ltd. has registered the event as sponsorship
Time:May 29,2021     Source: China Intermational Freight Forwarding Association      Browse:9

NIPPON EXPRESS CO., LTD. established in 1937 in Japan with employees 32094 persons over 140 years supported better living for people and the development of industry

Areas of Operations:    

Rail freight forwarding business

Truck transportation business

Truck freight forwarding business

Marine transportation business

Coastal shipping business

Harbor transportation business

NVOCC marine transportation business

Air freight forwarding business

Transportation businesses and forwarding business other than as listed above

Freight transportation consignment business

Warehousing business

Construction business

Customs-clearance business

Freight collection and settlement business

Air freight forwarding agency business

Non-life insurance agency business

Packing and packaging business

Packaging, labeling and storage business for pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical equipment

Travel agency business

Transportation, construction and installation of heavy goods and any incidental business thereto

Sale, purchase and lease of real estate and any incidental business thereto

Security services business

General worker dispatching business

Waste management business

Specified correspondence delivery service business

Collection and processing of logistics information and any incidental business thereto

Sale of goods and commodities

Any other business related to the above items

Investments in and financing of business listed in the above items


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